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Jiangxi Lisan Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Manufactured by Central Section Rosewood Industrial Park, “Lisan Rosewood” series products are rosewood furniture affordable for ordinary customers. With over 3,300 hectares of overseas woods resources, raw wood delivery directly to the port, super-large scale of intensive production, the improvement of traditional “Dongzuo” handicraft combing modernized digital carving, and the optimization technology testing each process, the rosewood and valuable hardwood series furniture of “Lisan Rosew... 【MORE】




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Product display


  • [Waist-shaped Tea Table] 6-piece Suite

  • [Tea Table] 5-piece Suite

  • [RuYi Square Table] 5-piece Suite

  • [Round-backed Armchair] 3-piece Suite

  • [Nan-kung Chair] 3-piece Suite